The Minister of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Hon. P. Mupfumira (Sen), has appointed a new Environment Management Board in terms of Section 11 of the Environmental Management Act (CAP 20:27), following the expiry of the term of office of the previous Board.


The Board Consists of the following Members;

  • Ambassador Florence Z. Chideya- Chair
  • Mr Christopher Chitindi- Vice Chair
  • Ms Molline Mayahle
  • Mr Abraham Z. Matiza
  • Mr Nickel Mushangwe
  • Mr Leon Muwoni
  • Mr Irvine D. Kunene
  • Mrs Juliet Chiketa
  • Mr Tinofara Hove
  • Mrs Sheila Sidambe


We render our heartfelt congratulations to the Board and wish them a successul term of office as they endevour to strategically guide the Environmental Management Agency in the sustainable managemnent of natural resources.


As we approach yet another dry season, let us be proactive and protect our properties from the possibility of veld fires. One way of achieving this is through contructing fireguards right round your properties.

What is a fireguard?

It is a belt of not less than 9 metres that is cleared of all inflammable materials in order to control the spread of veld fires.Fireguards are essential for protecting and safeguarding veldts, property and life of various living organisms including human beings. However, many land users or property owners do not prioritize the construction of fireguards. It is a strict statutory requirement that any land user or property owner should put in place fire prevention mechanisms and one of them is the construction of standard fireguards.

When are they constructed?

Fireguards should be constructed before the end of the month of June every year. The use of tractors, ox-drawn ploughs and hoes is highly recommended so as to get rid of all flammable material. If fire is to be used as a tool in fireguard construction, the burning should be done when the weather conditions are conducive as advised by the Meteorological Services Department (MSD) for controlled burning.

 Where are they constructed?

Fireguards should be constructed around farms, paddocks, woodlots, orchards, nurseries croplands and boundary fences. Construction of fireguards should be on the calendar of all land users and property owners each and every year to comply with legal provisions. 

What is a standard fireguard?

A standard fireguard is one which measures at least 9metres wide on either side of a boundary line/fence. It then follows that between two properties, the fireguard becomes at least 18metres wide. Internal fireguards of at least 4, 5 metres should be constructed in addition to the existing pathways and roads to ensure extra- protection of properties and other valuables. The width of the fireguards should be increased if the area is surrounded by tall grass.

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The Environmental Management Agency has a zero tolerance to corruption policy. All employees and stakeholders who know or suspect any illegal, dubious or fraudulent activities involving Agency employees, suppliers and third parties are requested to report the issues.  To report corruption anonymously please use the following options:

Econet Toll free: 08080028

Twitter: @EMAeep

WhatsApp: 0779 565 707

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Read more ...

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