Convention on Biological Diversity

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Dos and Donts in Fire Management

Veld Fires are blazes that get out of control, become wild, and in the process destroy extensive tracts of forests, grasslands, animals, people and their properties. This frequent burning has implication on carbon stocks and emissions, wildlife habitat; human health and life as well as livelihoods.Veld fires are a problem because they pose a risk to life, property and the environment.

The Dry Season

Veld fire behaviour depends with moisture status of the veld and prevailing whether conditions.  Violent fires result when velds are dry coupled with hot and windy conditions.  The dry season (August to October) is usually characterized by hot and windy days whilst most grasses will be dry and deciduous trees would have shed their leaves.  During this period, the risk of veld fire outbreaks is high. 

The dry season in Zimbabwe is characterised by conducive weather conditions for the spread of fires such as strong winds, high temperatures and arid conditions. During this period the fuel load (e.g dry leaves, wood, dead plants and grass) is high, dry and more susceptible to fires.

Construct 9meter wide fireguards to safeguard your properties from veld fire.

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