Dead Rivers, Myth or Reality?


Human activities if unmonitored can destroy the environment under the pretext of development. The resultant impact can either be degradation or pollution. Pollution of water bodies is detrimental to community livelihoods as the water becomes unusable. High levels of pollution can lead to dead rivers.

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Deforestation; a cause for concern


Deforestation is a major driver of degradation. It leaves the land bare, making it susceptible to various forms of erosion. Statistics at hand show that the country is losing 330 000 hectares annually as a result of deforestation (Forestry Commission, 2008).

Causes of deforestation

  • Tobacco curing;
  • Energy provisions;
  • Land clearing for various land uses including agriculture.

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    A clean, safe and healthy environment supporting an empowered society, a sustainable and growing economy by 2030.

    To regulate, monitor and promote sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment with stakeholder participation.

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