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What is Littering?

Littering means to throw (often man-made) objects onto the ground as opposed to disposing of them properly. Litter is anything thrown away as unwanted material and accumulates in a disorderly manner.   Litterconsists of waste products such as containers, papers, and wrappers which have been improperly disposed of.  Often people do not consider small items such as gum or even cigarette butts to be litter but these small pieces of rubbish are some of the most littered items on our streets.                                                                  

Littering is one of the major environmental challenges in Zimbabwe; its effects are detrimental to humans, animals and the environment. Litter can exist in the environment for long periods of time before degrading, be can transported several distances into water bodies,clogs our damages our waterways and sewer systems thus , costing  money.

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National Tree Planting Day

The first Saturday of December each year is National Tree Planting Day. The day was set aside in 1980 to launch the tree planting season. It was declared by His Excellency, President Robert Mugabe and since then the day has become an important part of Zimbabwe’s environmental calendar. The tree planting season runs from the onset of the rainy season up to the end of the season in April.

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