Plastic waste remains a challenging waste management issue because of its non-biodegradable nature. Plastics, if not properly managed, end up as litter polluting water ways, wetlands, storm water systems and end up clogging storm drains resulting in flash floods like the ones experienced in Harare recently. Some countries like Rwanda have imposed a total ban on plastics; whilst others charge a small fee as a way of encouraging people to bring their own shopping bags or baskets in order to of protect the environment. Zimbabwe has put in place regulations on the standards of the permissible thickness of plastic carrier packaging.

Thin plastics are not durable; they can easily break.

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Veld Fires are blazes that get out of control and become wild, and in the process destroy extensive tracts of forests, grasslands, animals, people and their properties. This frequent burning has implication on carbon stocks and emissions, wildlife habitat; human health and life as well as livelihoods.Veld fires are a problem because they pose a risk to life, property and the environment.

National Fire Week Launch

On the 3rd of June 2015, the Environmental Management Agency will launch the National Fire Week at Nyamakate area in Ward 7 of Hurungwe District in Mashonaland West Province. The theme for 2015 is "VELD FIRE PREVENTION - MY RESPONSIBILITY". The event is held each year to raise awareness on the need to protect the environment from veld fires. The launch will cascade down to all provinces and districts as the Agency embarks on a drive to reduce veld fires.  Veld fires have become one of Zimbabwe’s greatest environmental challenges; in 2014, twelve (12) people lost their lives to veld fires, whilst 1 653 822hectares of land were destroyed.

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The Environmental Management Agency has a zero tolerance to corruption policy. All employees and stakeholders who know or suspect any illegal, dubious or fraudulent activities involving Agency employees, suppliers and third parties are requested to report the issues.  To report corruption anonymously please use the following options:

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