EIA Process




 First Stage - Prospectus


  1. Prepare prospectus (a short document with project description, location-attach a colour 1:50 000 map, baseline environmental setting, major anticipated environmental impacts of the project, possible mitigation measures, project cost, terms of reference and legal framework)
    • To be prepared either by the proponent or registered consultant(List of registered consultants available at
    • *6 copies of the prospectus
    • Review fee $901.68
    • 20 working days to review
    • Second Stage - EIA
  2. Engage a registered consultant to conduct the full EIA
    • EIA review fee (0.8%, 1% or 1.2% of total project cost)
    • *6 copies
    • 60 working days to review
  3. First certificate valid for 2 years
    • Progress reports to be submitted to the Agency quarterly
    • Extension of validity of certificate granted upon payment of a renewal fee of $1 643.47 and valid for 1 year