Invitation to Domestic and International Tender

Tenders must be properly addressed to the Procurement Management Unit and enclosed in sealed envelopes endorsed on the outside with the advertised Tender number, tender description and tender closing date.

Tenders should be deposited into the EMA tender box at EMA Head Office

685/686 Cnr Lorraine Drive and Faber Bluff hill, Harare

Submission Closure

On or before 10:00 hours on the closing date.





EMA DOM 03/2019


Supply and delivery of construction material Harare and Bindura 




04 JULY 2019

EMA DOM 04/2019

Supply and delivery of 6X Toyota Land cruiser

Supply and delivery of 1 X Datsun Go 1.2L vehicle


04 JULY 2019

EMA DOM 05/2019

Supply, delivery  and installation of Heavy duty Generator 100KVA


04 JULY 2019

EMA INT 01/2019

Supply and delivery of mobile ambient air monitoring equipment

18 JULY 2019

EMA INT 02/2019

Supply and delivery of hazardous substance emergence response equipment

18 JULY 2019

Documents for the above tender are obtainable upon payment of a non-refundable tender fee of RTGS $10.00 in cash or swipe for Domestic Tender and $20.00 USD$ for International Tender from: The Procurement Management Unit, EMA Offices, 685/686 Cnr Lorraine Drive and Faber Bluff hill, Harare.