Environmental Management Services Department - EMS

This section is mandated to collect, produce and disseminate environmental information to society. Key to its operations is stakeholder participation and engendering the spirit of stewardship within the society.

Environmental Planning and Monitoring (EPM) unit


A unit under the EMS department, and is responsible for effective monitoring and planning of the environmental resources. In doing so it implements the following: 

Planning section

  1.  Workshops
  2. Offers consultancy services


Monitoring section


  1.  Local Environmental Action Plans (LEAPs)
  2. Environmental projects e.g Copying with drought
  3.  Research
  4. Trainings
  5.  Produces the national state of the environment reports (SOER) and other environmental database

Environmental Education and Publicity (EEP) unit

Functions of the unit:

1. The section is the centre for all environmental information and education for the Environmental Management Agency.

2. It is responsible for the dissemination of environmental information through both print and electronic media.

3. It is also responsible for the the planning of comprehensive and co-ordinated communication programmes such as National Environmental Day commemorations, International Exhibitions such as ZITF, Agricultural Exhibitions, World Environment Day commemorations, Word Wetlands day, national fire awareness week, etc

4. Raising environmental awareness through engaging all stakeholders i.e. school, environmental clubs, environmental committees and sub-committees, farmers, schools, miners and the general public.

5. Production of environmental education material such as newsletters, posters, books, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, videos, documentaries and radio programmes.

6. Help to maintain a good corporate image of Environmental Management Agency. The unit undertakes its activities through three sections namely: Formal and non-formal education ; Environmental documentation

7.  Environmental publicity and extension

The EMS department is the national hub of environmental information.

It spearheads all national environmental events. It promotes society participation in safeguarding the environment through the following:

  1. Local Environmental Action Plans (LEAPs)
  2.  Environmental clubs for schools
  3.  Environmental competitions for communities, corporate, NGOs and individuals
  4.  National commemorations for national and international environmental days
  5.  Environmental projects
  6. Produces the Zimbabwe Environment Outlook Report and other environmental databases
  7.  Research
  8.  Trainings
  9.  Offers consultancy services