A clean environment is possible

Creating a clean, safe and healthy environment is possible, especially if all stakeholders come on board and play their part towards this worthy cause. A clean environment has high aesthetic value, provides various environmental benefits and is free from diseases. Such an environment is achievable through concerted effort.  

Who can do what?



  • Adopt the cradle to the grave principle, which refers to the responsibility a company takes for the entire life cycle of a product, service or program, from design to disposal or termination.
  • Ensure there are sufficient waste receptacles servicing your premises.
  • Maintain the frontage, back corridors and sanitary lanes of you work premises clean at all times.
  • As part of your Corporate Social Responsibility, you can donate branded bins to Local Authorities. This will serve a dual purpose; it acts as a way of advertising and at the same time assists in the provision of bins.
  • Organize regular clean ups to keep shopping centres, business premises and working areas clean and attractive to customers.
  • Set up cages to collect recyclable cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles etc. Sell all recyclable material to recycling companies.
  • Food outlets should sell their food leftovers to piggeries or individuals with pets.
  • Adopt’ zones in your city/town and maintain it clean on a regular basis. The zone can be a street, round about, island, business/shopping center and bus termini. Approach your Local Authority on the adoption of zones.
  • Corporates should have waste management plans and policies to ensure sustainable waste management at their workplaces and also in the business value chain.

Small and Medium Enterprises

A clean, safe and healthy environment needs public participation. Every sector, including SMEs, has a role to play in waste management and the following is expected.

  • Distribute legally acceptable plastic carrier bags and also provide shopping bags as alternatives.
  • Declare how you are dealing with the waste of your imported goods
  • Consider alternatives for fast food packs rather than Kaylites.
  • Desist form the use of posters and flyers to advertise your businesses, rather opt for the use of electronic media such as tv, radio, Facebook etc.


  • Form community based organizations (CBOs) and regularly clean up residential frontage, backyards and streets in your area.
  • Separate your waste into biodegradable, plastic bottles (PEPs) and metal cans.
  • Compost all material that is biodegradable. Use the manure for your vegetable gardens.
  • Avoid burning waste, the fumes may cause cancer.
  • Avoid dumping of waste.

 Schools, Colleges &Universities

  • Form environmental groups to spearhead clean-up of institutional frontage and roads leading to these institutions and back corridors and sanitary lanes.
  • Adopt areas/zones for clean-up and enhance the school and the community relationships.
  • Set up cages to collect plastics, glass, cans for pupils.
  • Collect recyclables at home and bring to school   on a set day.

Local Authorities

  • Have a known waste collection schedule that you adhere to.
  • Ensure there are sufficient waste bins in urban and business centres.
  • Establish waste transfer centers for the ease of waste collection, sorting and recycling.
  • Develop Communication and education platforms for your areas.
  • Develop waste management plans and implement them.
  • Every Local Authority should have a properly lined landfill where waste is disposed of.


Do not litter. The difference you make is real.


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