Environmental Licensing / Permit

EMA issues a wide range of environmental licenses and permits under various environmental regulations.
These include licenses on:

Environmental Impacts Assessment (EIA).

Effluent discharge

Waste Management, transporters, incinerators and recyclers

Import/Export for controlled substances

Permits for:

trans boundary movement of waste

Sand Harvesting sale and transportation

Standard of Service

We acknowledge receipt of duly filled applications within sixty (60) days. Thereafter, we issue Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) licenses within 60 days as stipulated in the Environmental Impact Assessment/Audit (EIA/EA) Regulations, 2000. Other licenses are issued as per the provisions of the specific regulation.

Cost of Service

Payment of a prescribed fee of 5% of total project cost is required for the processing of an EIA license. Other fees are stipulated in the relevant regulation.

Customer Obligation

We advise persons intending to undertake development activities to apply for an EIA license at least two months prior to the date they intend to commence the project. This will allow sufficient time for the EIA review process.
We also expect proponents to pay the prescribed fees and to secure other relevant government approvals and licenses. We require EIA experts preparing the EIA report to provide accurate information on the proposed project.