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Environmental Management Agency

  The Environmental Management Agency is a statutory body responsible for ensuring the sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment, the prevention of pollution and environmental degradation, the preparation of Environmental Plans for the management and protection of the environment. It was established under the Environmental Management Act [Chapter 20:27] and operationalised on the 17th of March 2003 through SI 103 of 2003.



A clean, safe and healthy environment, promoting a growing economy and empowered society.


To regulate, monitor and promote sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment with stakeholder participation


    1.) Transparency 


                     3.)Timeous response         

            4.)   Stakeholder Participation     

           5.) Unhu / Ubuntu

6) Team work     


Waste Management

EMA's environmental quality management section has a mandate to enforce waste management regulations, implementing and monitoring waste management programs. The agency promotes the participation of community based organisations in solid waste management.


About Environmental Impact Assessments?

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process used to define, quantify and evaluate the potential and known impacts of human activities on ecosystems and to define the mitigation measures that will be implemented to reduce negative impacts while enhancing the positive. It is a decision-making tool used to determine whether a project should proceed and in what manner it should proceed.

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